Monday, December 17

it's a triple!

We have some work from the first session that was completed last week! Rowena and Ann came last Monday to make their bracelets! I love them! Even though the same type of bracelet was made, they look so different. Ann & Rowena both chose to use lampwork beads made by a talented artist, Stephen Haus, of Lollipop Kid Glass in Candor, NY. I've bought many beads from Stephen, and they are amazing to wrok with. The bracelets are an accessory for a bolder statement!

Thursday, December 6

Stocking stuffers!!

It was time for me to try yet another area of "business" and finally, after many requests, I've worked out some gift certificates! As you can see, I've got $10, $25 & $50 gift certificates that you can purchase for the holiday season! The certificates can be used for a jewelry purchase or toward the classes I'll be having in 2008!
If you'd like one (or more!!)please call me, email me or stop me when you see me and I'll be happy to help you out!

I look forward to my Dec 16th workshop and hope to see you soon~

Wednesday, December 5

Magical Transformations!

Session 2 ended last night with a class called "Magical Transformations." The pieces created are truly one of a kind! It's amazing what you can do with a solo earring or a broken necklace or how an old piece of jewelry can have new life! Adding a gemstone or 2 can really make everything old new again!!

One more piece must be finished and will be posted as soon as it's completed.

Next week is a work session for anyone who's completed the classes and would like to make more of any of the pieces we've made. If you'd like to attend on Tuesday, please email me and let me know what you'd like to do so that I can make sure the materials are here for you. If you have some idea of colors and stones, please advise me what you'd like and I'll do my best. The only cost will be materials.

Sunday, December 2

Special thanks...

Special thanks to Pat Gullett and her husband Dave for opening their beautiful home and studio to us this past Saturday for our Litchfield Artist's Association 3rd Annual Holiday Open House. Pat always does such an amazing job organizing, advertising and hosting the event for us. I am honored to be in the company of each of these artists.
Thanks to all my patrons and friends who keep me busy and make me believe that I am on the right path!
Happy holidays and PEACE in the coming new year to everyone!

Tuesday, November 27

'Tis the season!!!

It appears that with the Thanksgiving holiday came an early rush of the holiday spirit! Not to be outdone by certain radio stations constant playing of Christmas music, the ladies made some beautiful, simple and elegant Swarovski crystal sets to give away (or actually keep and wear themselves).
Only one minor problem with a defective pair of sterling clip on earrings, but all in all the work is beautiful and the ladies left happy!
Next week we'll try to put together a necklace using a mixture of found pieces and leftover beads. After that I'm opening up my Tuesday nights for my students to come back and make some more of the projects for holiday gifts.
Keep checking back- January classes will be up before the holiday gets here!

Wednesday, November 21

Pearl Perfections!

Tonight was the start of the session 2 classes. The ladies made some beautiful necklaces using pearls, sterling silver spacers and beads and a sterling photo frame. Each woman did such a wonderful job on their pieces!
I am so grateful this Thanksgiving week to have these women to share my passions with! I feel blessed to be able to share and I so enjoy each night we have our class. Thank you so much, each one of you!
Enjoy your holiday!

Saturday, November 17

Huge Thanks!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making my 6th Annual Holiday Open House such an enjoyable evening! The food, some from Executive Cuisine on Elm St in New Milford, was fabulous! Special thanks to Zach for taking care of everything in the kitchen during the evening and to Zoe for helping him with the prep. Executive Cuisine makes some of the most beautifully designed platters and the food tastes....mmmmm! Zach did his boss proud!

Thank also goes to Mike and Zoe for being my business/sales associates! As usual, Mike set up away from the jewelry and he and Zoe did an amazing job taking care of sales and making detailed tags for those who need adjustments.

It was a grand success all the way around. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of you who support my passions, my work and my dreams. I know that "Heart's Desire" is supported by many and my company wouldn't succeed without the love and support of my family and friends.

Blessings to all of you this Thanksgiving. Travel safe and be well.

Thursday, November 15

'07 OPEN HOUSE- Tomorrow!!

Well, the hours are fleeting and I'm just about ready! I've told myself it's time to, "Step Away from the Bench!!!" I swear, I could stay there day after day after day after day....I'm sure you get the point being made here!
Anyway, here are a couple of new pieces that I've finished for

tomorrow night's **Friday, November, 16th**open house. If you'll be coming and haven't already RSVP'd, please do so!

I get paranoid that I haven't ordered enough wine or that I've not made enough brie with pecans & apple topping!


The first project for session 2!!

One of the "creative spirits," who signed up for session 2, requested to come early so that she could make her grandmother a 90th birthday present- amazing, right!?!?!?! Anyway, Mandy made a beautiful pearl, triple strand necklace with a simple photo to be added later!

Thursday, November 1

Time for Holiday Shopping!!!!

Heart's Desire Open House
Friday, November 16th
wine/cheese/amazing company
jewelry to inspire your spirit!!

Last night of session 1

We finished up session 1 with a triple strand bracelet. Everyone there worked on their individual designs and came up with such beautiful pieces. After a little sizing issue (something that happens to me on a daily basis when I'm working with different kinds of beads) everyone walked out with a new bracelet. If the size is still an issue after wearing it- we'll work it out next time.

Here are the latest pieces- the next 2 will be on as soon as we have class!

Thursday, October 25

My sacred intention!!

I'm still making jewelry too! Here's the first of a few drop pendant pieces I've been making! I"ll have more at my open house on NOVEMBER 16th Mark your calendars...
Heart's Desire Open House

Friday, November 16th
wine/cheese/amazing company
jewelry to inspire your spirit!!

latest Heart's Desire!

Wednesday, October 24

class 2: Sacred Intentions

The second class, Sacred Intentions, was designed to learn how to manipulate the pliers and learn to wrap wire along with learning about the energy of different stones. Last night, the ladies made a drop pendant necklace and a "matching" pair of earrings. From the sounds of things, the fire to create is definitely sparking!

Sunday, October 21

Tapping Creative Spirit Class...

Here's the work from the rest of the class! Everyone worked with the same beads and created their own "one of a kind" creation. Awesome, I say, just awesome!!!
We're all on our way to something incredible- I love this!!!

Tuesday, October 16

Angels DO have wings!

I have to share the most wonderful story!
Yesterday, I was on the green in New Milford and watched the actors filming the movie Six Wives of Henry Lefay. It was fun to see Jenna Elfman come running around the corner with the ern and watch a few takes. As I watched, one of the women next to me shared that she just had a baby 3 months ago. While driving home, I thought I should make her one of my angels.

This morning, I worked the polls for the ambulance bldg vote and had to leave at 1 to prepare for my class tonight. On my way home, something told me that my routine wasn't going to go as planned! I just knew- absolutely knew that I had to make an angel for Ms Elfman and her son. I mean, there was no true urgency- it was just a calmness and matter of fact that I was to give her an angel.

I arrived home and proceeded to cut, file, sand, solder, patina, hang a rose quartz and engrave the back. I tucked it in one of my pouches with a business card and headed up to the green and all the while I kept just knowing I was to give this to her!

When I got to the spot from yesterday, there was no sign of them! Erin, in the natural food store told me they were shooting on Railroad St. I meandered down to see what was going on and all I saw were trucks. I never thought it wouldn't happen!
I saw Erin coming toward me with my car keys (I so forgetfully left in her shop) and seconds later, I saw Jenna Elfman walking with her son in her arms and her nanny walking behind! I followed them into the coffee house and quietly explained to the nanny I make jewelry and made this for Ms Elfman, the new mom. She told me to go ahead and give it to her and I walked up to her, shared that I wanted her to have a piece of my jewelry- an angel I made for her. After a quick look and conversation, I said good-bye and went on my way. I JUST KNEW I WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE THAT ANGEL~
What an awesome day- my lesson for the day....LISTEN to your heart~ sometimes angels whisper very softly!!!

Monday, October 15

latest to be worked on!!

This is the latest piece that I'll be working on. All the charms have gone to the casting company and I'm waiting to get the pieces back so that I can make a few bracelets. I'll be taking them to "Synchronicity" in Pawling, NY. The bracelets will join my angels. They're there now hopefully finding new homes!

some of my summer work!

Since April, I really have been working, just not taking pics and posting anything~ at least now I've got some new things to show you and some more to come!!!
Here are some of my fabricated pieces and some beaded work.

Saturday, October 13

my latest adventure~

I've decided to incorporate my 2 passions- teaching and jewelry! I've designed two sessions so far. They run for 3 weeks each and begin this Tuesday, 10/16. My first class in session 1 is called "tapping your creative spirit." We'll discuss tools, materials, design, color, and all the how to's about beading this project! The second class is called "Sacred Intentions." We'll be creating a drop pendant and earrings using different gemstones that help with positive energy. The third class is called "Triple the Beauty," and is a triple strand bracelet. This session is $145 and includes each class plus the materials for each project. If you think you're interested, email me. I've got 2 spots open for this session!

This photo is my first student's first piece!! She designed the piece, did the layout, put it together herself and wore it proudly out the door! I must say, "Diane, you did fabulous, just FABULOUS!!!

Friday, April 20

I'm so ready for summer!!!

It's been tough to get enough time in my studio! I know I should be outside in gardens, but the sunshine and warmth inspired me to work!

Friday, April 6

I've been away, but I'm on it now!

Older/newer designs, but all one of a kind and all my own handiwork! Gotta love jewels!

Friday, March 23

a busy week!!!

I've been working on some more techniques! The photos are yet another issue, and hopefully, I'll get better at that or hire someone that really knows what they're doing!! It'll be a slow weekend, so don't look for new pieces for a couple of weeks! (I've got a book to finish!!)