Friday, April 6

I've been away, but I'm on it now!

Older/newer designs, but all one of a kind and all my own handiwork! Gotta love jewels!

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CJZ said...

Hey there sweetie! Boy, California sure does miss ya ;) ---so, hey, you know how I mentioned (really quick like) how I had once upon a time thought that it would be awesome if we could get some exposure for you by getting pieces of yours out there without you having to compromise on your 'one of a kind' mantra---and that I had thought a 'bust' or 'torso' shot might have been something that would have been cool to send to the HRC as maybe a possibility for something 'tangible' that people could buy in return for their donations that 'symbolized' the cause?? I was just looking at your Angels again and it hit me...we should send a sample to Oprah's Angel Network??? I think it would be huge!! People could buy it with their donation and it would almost become a 'logo' of sorts!! I don't think they have one...just that 'halo'. I don't know, just an idea on how to get you BIG exposure for your original art by getting a piece that you already have for mass production AND it would be for a cause too!! Perfect that they're so feminine too...that's the audience!!! Simple, beautiful.....hmmmmmmm (that's all...just wanted to throw that vision of granduer out to you---can you tell I see BIG things from you??!@#$%) Who loves ya babe!! xoxoxo Chris