Wednesday, November 21

Pearl Perfections!

Tonight was the start of the session 2 classes. The ladies made some beautiful necklaces using pearls, sterling silver spacers and beads and a sterling photo frame. Each woman did such a wonderful job on their pieces!
I am so grateful this Thanksgiving week to have these women to share my passions with! I feel blessed to be able to share and I so enjoy each night we have our class. Thank you so much, each one of you!
Enjoy your holiday!


Diane said...

Julie, thank you so much....this necklace is my favorite and I know I will wear it forever! I just love it. I was truly amazed when I put it on.

I loved everyone's pretty.

Happy Thanksgiving Julie!


KitKatKathy said...


It was so nice to see you at your open house - I love my pieces. I am looking forward to being able to make these type of beautiful necklaces like these ladies did. Any idea when you're next sessions will be???