Sunday, November 15


Here are the turtles... check out the lines and patterns!! 4yrs, 5 yrs & 7 yrs!!

Some pics.....

What A Week!!!

Seems like I keep saying the time is just flying by!  Guess that means I'm getting older!?
This week we worked on studying VanGogh's Sunflowers with the 5-8 yr olds and we talked about line and patterns in my other class.  Too much fun, that's all I can say!  The answers to questions are just so matter of fact!  I just love that about young kids... not to mention their artwork.  It's the same~ matter of fact!  That's how it is, that's what I want it to look like and I'm going to create things this way.... no issues with "I can't do it" or "I'm afraid to make the wrong mark"

I'm going to blend all that thought into my life today!  No negative- all that ...this is good, I can do it... I make GREAT artwork that didn't work, I'll make a different line here..... and on and on!!!!

Once again, the teacher learns from the students~ teaching is still the BEST gig EVER!!!!!

Monday, November 9

Another week.... time to get busy!

Okay- so I've gotten the workout in- found the necessary visuals for today's lesson and am now headed upstairs to finish one muse and start another!  I definitely need something to keep the jumpstart going past noon!

Thursday, November 5

Where have I been?????

Another week has basically flown by!  Seems I'm always moving, so perhaps that's partly why I never notice the minutes and hours ticking away!  I just came downstairs from working at my bench- another Artful Spirits Muse is just about finished!  This one is my courage muse and truly in homage to those women I know that have taken on cancer and had the courage to fight and live their lives.  All that's left of my "Courage Muse" is her hair!  I'm thinking of how I'll do this one.... hair/no hair???  Wild/tame????  Hmmm, I"m going to think about this until tomorrow!