Tuesday, October 16

Angels DO have wings!

I have to share the most wonderful story!
Yesterday, I was on the green in New Milford and watched the actors filming the movie Six Wives of Henry Lefay. It was fun to see Jenna Elfman come running around the corner with the ern and watch a few takes. As I watched, one of the women next to me shared that she just had a baby 3 months ago. While driving home, I thought I should make her one of my angels.

This morning, I worked the polls for the ambulance bldg vote and had to leave at 1 to prepare for my class tonight. On my way home, something told me that my routine wasn't going to go as planned! I just knew- absolutely knew that I had to make an angel for Ms Elfman and her son. I mean, there was no true urgency- it was just a calmness and matter of fact that I was to give her an angel.

I arrived home and proceeded to cut, file, sand, solder, patina, hang a rose quartz and engrave the back. I tucked it in one of my pouches with a business card and headed up to the green and all the while I kept just knowing I was to give this to her!

When I got to the spot from yesterday, there was no sign of them! Erin, in the natural food store told me they were shooting on Railroad St. I meandered down to see what was going on and all I saw were trucks. I never thought it wouldn't happen!
I saw Erin coming toward me with my car keys (I so forgetfully left in her shop) and seconds later, I saw Jenna Elfman walking with her son in her arms and her nanny walking behind! I followed them into the coffee house and quietly explained to the nanny I make jewelry and made this for Ms Elfman, the new mom. She told me to go ahead and give it to her and I walked up to her, shared that I wanted her to have a piece of my jewelry- an angel I made for her. After a quick look and conversation, I said good-bye and went on my way. I JUST KNEW I WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE THAT ANGEL~
What an awesome day- my lesson for the day....LISTEN to your heart~ sometimes angels whisper very softly!!!

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