Wednesday, January 27

I think I want this on a wall in my studio!

I'll post more pics later but I just had to put this one up.  What a beautiful photo!  Watching Ave work today was just the best medicine for anything that might be ailing anyone!!!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again... teaching is THE best gig EVER!!!!!

Friday, January 22

Looking at things in a different way this morning!

After an incredibly productive learning experience with Joseph (and Madeline) yesterday, I've decided to try to spend today looking at everything a bit differently!  First, I decided that I really didn't need to export my photos from iPhoto then load them to my facebook page... I actually checked out the link on iPhoto and decided, "I'm doing it!"  Nothing came up that made me cringe, so I'm thinking "it's all good" and moving forward!
Next... well, I thought I should update my blog and I REALLY should have a facebook page for my art classes so more people can see the work and what I do with the kids, but I decided that getting to my blog this morning should happen before I do that, so.... time to change how I see the title of this blog!
I've got to get some guidance on making this blog more me, and that will have to be AFTER I create that fb page for my art classes.... thankfully, the weekend is almost here!

Okay... student work..... LOVE IT!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19

Tuesday morning... a creative day planned!!!!

After reading so many quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr., I've decided to get my day moving and make it a creative day all around!
First- it's a workout.... I'm hoping that todays dvd is for legs and butt... my arms, back and shoulders are definitely feeling the workouts of the past couple of days!
Second- into the studio to start another page of my "Inspiration Art Journal"!  I've been gathering things to continue each day.... I don't know if I'll keep moving or just do one a day, but I'm definitely inspired!
Third... cutting mats for the acrylic paintings so I can frame then and then hang them in the studio tonight!

positive energy.... be in the moments.... breathe..... be happy......  all good thoughts for today!

Sunday, January 17

Matisse has inspired Fineline art students!

Sounds like a title for the newspaper right?!?!?!?  Well, I have to honestly say that these kids in this class have truly invoked the spirit of Matisse and what he was thinking with his move toward Fauvism and his still life paintings!!!!  I left Friday night so incredibly inspired and my soul was definitely singing so loudly that I thought my heart would burst!  I know, I know it sounds sappy and crazy and like, "okay, Julie, that's a little over the top!"  BUT.... what you may not understand is how much happiness a teacher can feel when a lesson truly flows and the results are like these!!!!  These kids keep reminding me how much I love what I do!

My quote for today....

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.  ~Mark Van Doren  

I'll add to that... for both, the student AND the teacher!!!!


Tuesday, January 12

Happy New Year! Happy New ART CLASSES & STUDENTS!


I know, I know... left the blog thing in mid stream yet again!  BUT.. I'm here today and that's the best I can do right now~ I'm trying...really!
Here's the huge news... the art classes are growing.  It's not leaps and bounds, but it's better than I ever hoped for!  My Friday class is full- 6 kids.  Any more and they'd be literally painting one another in the space we've got!  Monday's class- 5 kids!!!!  Tuesday has a few open places, but it's all GREAT, WONDERFUL, INSPIRING!
I'll take all of 2010 to be as inspiring as these first couple of weeks have been~ we are off and running!
Here's what we've done the past couple of classes.......