Saturday, October 13

my latest adventure~

I've decided to incorporate my 2 passions- teaching and jewelry! I've designed two sessions so far. They run for 3 weeks each and begin this Tuesday, 10/16. My first class in session 1 is called "tapping your creative spirit." We'll discuss tools, materials, design, color, and all the how to's about beading this project! The second class is called "Sacred Intentions." We'll be creating a drop pendant and earrings using different gemstones that help with positive energy. The third class is called "Triple the Beauty," and is a triple strand bracelet. This session is $145 and includes each class plus the materials for each project. If you think you're interested, email me. I've got 2 spots open for this session!

This photo is my first student's first piece!! She designed the piece, did the layout, put it together herself and wore it proudly out the door! I must say, "Diane, you did fabulous, just FABULOUS!!!


KitKatKathy said...

Love the class idea. I can't now because of my classes...but PLEASE keep me on the list. I mentioned on Diane's blog this would be a nice 3 night in a row event for Jan. ha ha I have no classes then - selfish aren't I??? haha

I almost won your necklace at the MVP-SOS dinner - darn that Mandi for getting it. haha


Diane said...

That necklace of your first student is fabulous. She is very talented! Oh, it's me!!!! lol...the truth is, your a great teacher. What a great class and a fun night out.

Thanks Julie. Can't wait till the next class.