Thursday, July 10

Things can change so quickly!!!

Okay, well, let's just say that I tried something and it probably wasn't the right path for me!!!! That being said, I will tell you that I learned a plethora of things about people, children, egos, choices and myself!!!! I know the last few months came my way for a reason and I'll keep pondering things until I figure it all out!
In order to ponder, I've needed to slowly get back into my own heart's desire! All things always lead me back to the jewelry and teaching and that creative side of myself that most definitely NEEDS to express.

The beads are out, the silver is out and the designs are creeping to the surface after being buried with feelings that I won't dwell on. The children I met have shown me how quickly bad things can be made better- with a smile, a joke, a hug and even just a new toy or person to play with! I kind of like that!

Right now, I'm using those passions at the Village Center of the Arts in the mornings working with 3-6 year olds in their Camp Creation. I've watched these little ones make beautiful animal sculptures from their imaginations and do realistic animal portraits! Real is "objective" with 3-6 year olds- but I loved them so much I matted them for the kids!

I also started my classes and had a private class with Kathy who was able to unleash her creative spirit and make a beautiful summer piece! I think she did great and I truly enjoyed sitting with her and working myself while she played with her designs!

Last- truly cool update..... most of you know the women I love that give me validation for my thoughts and strength in my spirit- Whoopi Goldberg's quote has been on this blog since I started. Anyway, I was able to get to The View yesterday with my cousin, Val and I was able to give Sherri Shephard one of my angels (definitely customized for WG) and she told me she'd make sure Whoopi got it! So, for me, I believe she'll get it and I believe it happened the way it was supposed to! It's a longer story, but I've got to get to camp!!!! If anyone has either of the children's books by WG, she's got a few more coming out in the fall- I asked her during a commercial and that's what she said........

Okay- as you can see, I'm definitely stale with the blog posts.... I'll be better now!
Thanks for being patient with me during my "travels"! I think I'm much better on my own path!