Monday, October 20

Still here! Still working at it all!!!

Looks like I've let the blog go yet again! It seems like I'm just focusing on each day as it comes which may be working- it's hard to tell!

I have finished a couple of pieces- sort of finished them.... I've got a woman creating my website- she's a great woman to work with and I can't wait to share what we've come up with! Hmmmm, teaching the handbuilding class is GREAT! Cutting the hair off was FREEING!!!!

Now I'm off to workout and start the day! Enjoy the pics!

Friday, September 26

What I Want....

I've been working at my bench most of the week. I must say that it's taking some time to get into a groove and I don't think I'm near full swing, but I have been truly enjoying the designing, sawing, soldering, mistake making and all that that entails!

As soon as I find the cord to download photos, I'll share a couple of pieces!

I'm also working on my Open House invites... Save Friday, November 21st for a night out with wine, desserts, jewels and laughter!

Friday, September 19

Time for an update, right?!

I've been working on some new thoughts and a new direction. Last week our California family visited us! Chris spent a week with us and it was truly much too short a visit!
He and I spent a lot of time talking.... Chris and I always spend a lot of time talking, but this time I really tried to share and LISTEN to all we discussed. One of the great things that came out of our sharing has been the "Intention Boards" that Zoe and I are doing. Both of us seem to be quite excited and motivated to find images, words and "things" that inspire us to either move in a direction, reach for something or just strive for certain things in our lives. I can't imagine how positive this can be for Zoe's life starting now to see her future!

Another thing that Chris helped me get back to is making time for what I want and need to be. I'm definitely taking steps to take charge of doing WHAT I WANT and learning to say no~ yet again!!! I can remember a time when I used to say, "No is a complete sentence," to friends of mine who were always doing so many things and not taking time for what they love or for themselves. I'm relearning that whole thing!

So, I suppose I'm just trying to update my blog by saying thank you to my friend who makes a difference in my family's life in so many ways! I'm looking forward to sharing the changes with my friends thru the blog and (ready for this) the upcoming website!!!!! FINALLY!! You'll all be notified when is up and running!!!!!

Thanks for your patience. Enjoy these fall days and the green leaves while they're still hanging on. I still stand screaming into the crisp fall days, "I LOVE SUMMER!!!"

Thursday, July 10

Things can change so quickly!!!

Okay, well, let's just say that I tried something and it probably wasn't the right path for me!!!! That being said, I will tell you that I learned a plethora of things about people, children, egos, choices and myself!!!! I know the last few months came my way for a reason and I'll keep pondering things until I figure it all out!
In order to ponder, I've needed to slowly get back into my own heart's desire! All things always lead me back to the jewelry and teaching and that creative side of myself that most definitely NEEDS to express.

The beads are out, the silver is out and the designs are creeping to the surface after being buried with feelings that I won't dwell on. The children I met have shown me how quickly bad things can be made better- with a smile, a joke, a hug and even just a new toy or person to play with! I kind of like that!

Right now, I'm using those passions at the Village Center of the Arts in the mornings working with 3-6 year olds in their Camp Creation. I've watched these little ones make beautiful animal sculptures from their imaginations and do realistic animal portraits! Real is "objective" with 3-6 year olds- but I loved them so much I matted them for the kids!

I also started my classes and had a private class with Kathy who was able to unleash her creative spirit and make a beautiful summer piece! I think she did great and I truly enjoyed sitting with her and working myself while she played with her designs!

Last- truly cool update..... most of you know the women I love that give me validation for my thoughts and strength in my spirit- Whoopi Goldberg's quote has been on this blog since I started. Anyway, I was able to get to The View yesterday with my cousin, Val and I was able to give Sherri Shephard one of my angels (definitely customized for WG) and she told me she'd make sure Whoopi got it! So, for me, I believe she'll get it and I believe it happened the way it was supposed to! It's a longer story, but I've got to get to camp!!!! If anyone has either of the children's books by WG, she's got a few more coming out in the fall- I asked her during a commercial and that's what she said........

Okay- as you can see, I'm definitely stale with the blog posts.... I'll be better now!
Thanks for being patient with me during my "travels"! I think I'm much better on my own path!

Saturday, February 2

New Year and lots more!!!!

It's been awhile! I apologize for not updating and keeping everyone informed! Here's the latest....
Never let it be said that I don't like to try new things or appreciate a challenge! It's time for me to start down a new path- at least during the daylight hours!
As of Monday morning, I will be starting at the daycare at Faith Church. If things go as planned, I will be developing and helping to implement an ongoing developmental curriculum for the childcare area and helping to incorporate some other types of programming in their already working before and after school care.

I'm so excited to be working with kids and to be writing curriculum to work into place. The possibilities are endless and, as we know with kids, ALWAYS unexpected! I will be teaching my beading classes as well. I had my classes all ready to send out, but now, need to change the dates to start in March, rather than last week! If you have questions about any of the classes, the set up of them, what I may cover before you see the list, please don't hesitate to call me!
This weekend I will try to change the dates and I'm working on posting them in an email so many of you can get the list before the postal service delivers it! Don't hold me to this!

Don't worry- I LOVE teaching the classes- they are coming! Lots of new and fun projects coming and I'll be doing a couple of nights for many of them to allow for some flexibility for you all. Not sure about the weekend days yet! If you have any input, just let me know!

Thanks for checking here and I hope to see you soon when my classes start!

Wednesday, January 2

Happy New Beginning!

It's so hard to believe that 2008 is actually here! I don't think I ever thought about the year 2008 when I was my son's age! At any rate, I'm ready for whatever adventure comes up!

I'm finishing up the classes that will run through March. I'll be mailing out the list and trying to figure out how to post it as well. Stick with me- I"m still fumbling along here.

I wanted to post the necklaces I made for my family. I think they are a nice tribute to our family in general and are a special keepsake for my cousins. Having my parents close to my heart helps me get through some days whether there's a crisis or not!

Happy New Year- enjoy every day and wishes for peace on earth......