Friday, September 26

What I Want....

I've been working at my bench most of the week. I must say that it's taking some time to get into a groove and I don't think I'm near full swing, but I have been truly enjoying the designing, sawing, soldering, mistake making and all that that entails!

As soon as I find the cord to download photos, I'll share a couple of pieces!

I'm also working on my Open House invites... Save Friday, November 21st for a night out with wine, desserts, jewels and laughter!

Friday, September 19

Time for an update, right?!

I've been working on some new thoughts and a new direction. Last week our California family visited us! Chris spent a week with us and it was truly much too short a visit!
He and I spent a lot of time talking.... Chris and I always spend a lot of time talking, but this time I really tried to share and LISTEN to all we discussed. One of the great things that came out of our sharing has been the "Intention Boards" that Zoe and I are doing. Both of us seem to be quite excited and motivated to find images, words and "things" that inspire us to either move in a direction, reach for something or just strive for certain things in our lives. I can't imagine how positive this can be for Zoe's life starting now to see her future!

Another thing that Chris helped me get back to is making time for what I want and need to be. I'm definitely taking steps to take charge of doing WHAT I WANT and learning to say no~ yet again!!! I can remember a time when I used to say, "No is a complete sentence," to friends of mine who were always doing so many things and not taking time for what they love or for themselves. I'm relearning that whole thing!

So, I suppose I'm just trying to update my blog by saying thank you to my friend who makes a difference in my family's life in so many ways! I'm looking forward to sharing the changes with my friends thru the blog and (ready for this) the upcoming website!!!!! FINALLY!! You'll all be notified when is up and running!!!!!

Thanks for your patience. Enjoy these fall days and the green leaves while they're still hanging on. I still stand screaming into the crisp fall days, "I LOVE SUMMER!!!"