Friday, October 30

Holy C*%#!!!! How can it be Friday?!?

Okay, I can NOT believe it's already Friday- this week just FLEW by!!!  I guess that's what mach 5 will do for you!  Now if it could just uplift the jowls a bit and feather away a few pounds and wrinkle lines- I'd be frigging fabulous!!!!  Just kidding!!  My inner muse is truly trying to embrace all of me!

This morning has already been stellar!  I have boldly gone where I have not ventured before and made my own listings on etsy!  I know, what the hell has happened to me, right?  I have absolutely no idea! But, I am loving it!  I'll do more later tonight after I get home from teaching my "leather n links" Artful Spirits class at Fineline.  I do have a few more pieces to post!  My Be Fearless muse being one... just not sure I'm ready to risk losing her!  (How ridiculous is THAT???  Create a Be Fearless Muse and then be afraid to sell her??????)  Okay- letting go of that crap right now!

I will be listing the Muse later!
Off to work outside today, teach later and enjoy that glass of wine while I list some pieces on etsy.... in keeping with the spirit of Halloween... I am definitely frightening myself!!!!! ;)

Wednesday, October 28

2009- no such thing as a fall funk!!!!

I took the last week I thought I could incorporate pumpkins safely and we studied line with the I'm an artist group... well, it turned out to be 2 sisters because of cold season!  Here's the great part... it just doesn't matter how many!  I chatted with them about line and  about lines on a pumpkin not being straight, but curved.  We looked at our straight lines from last week's Mondrian/line lesson and even counted curved lines.... then Avery says to her sister and me, "Did you know that if a pumpkin has more lines it has more seeds?" Neither of us had heard that- I was so impressed that she shared that and was quite confident with herself!
I do believe my fall funk has been put on hold because of these incredible young artists I get to share my time with.... I have no room in my life for a fall funk this year and I am loving it!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27

Monday, Monday...can't trust that day!!!!

Well, I was in my art room waiting with all my bells and whistles and of my 3 students- 2 were sick and well, one was just "mia"!!!  It does give me more time to fine tune the lesson on portraits~ so it's really not a bad thing!!!  Hopefully, James and Julia will feel much better and Rose will be back with bells on next week!!!!  Today is a tissue paper collage still life for my 4 & 5 year olds!!!  Gotta love that!

Saturday, October 24

Another day~another post

I may not be posting every day, but I've promised myself to do at least 2 per week... so far, so good!  I'm not sure if anyone is reading the blog, or even looking at the pictures, but I've got to keep on moving forward.... routines aren't that easy, you know?!?!?
Yesterday's class was the second group of Warhol to Durer.  They did great!  There's something special about 3rd graders when you dialog as you're teaching.  They really have so much insight!
They set up their own still-life (asymmetrical, like Cezanne!) and finished their drawing with watercolor washes.  Time to think about next week's lessons!  Bring it on.... another day, another artist!

Friday, October 23

Be Fearless Muse......

I've been busy in the studio today and while I'm not quite
finished with her.... my "Be Fearless Muse" is well on her way to
being finished!  It definitely feels like where I'm supposed to be right
now.... breathing and playing!  I've got another piece cut out, so I'll be moving forward soon!  First I need to add some of the gold filled wire and complete this muse!!!!

It's FRIDAY!!!!!

Yes, attempting at productivity right now... my goddess brooch is in the pickle~ the clothes are being wash, dried and folded!!  So far, so good!  I've got class at 4:30.... I can't wait to see what the kids come up with as far as designing their own still life!  I'm debating on whether I give them different things or not?
Photo of brooch coming in a few......

Thursday, October 22

Thought for today!!!!!

“Logic will get you from A to B.   Imagination will take you everywhere.”
―Albert Einstein

Wednesday, October 21

Art and Wednesday!!!

I just posted the work from my class, "I'm An Artist" for 4, 5 and 6 year olds. We talked about lines- straight lines... some thick, some thin, some longer some shorter, some vertical, some horizontal and then Piet Mondrian! I think the kids did a great job, especially in an hour!

Today, I'm headed outdoors to try and accomplish getting the front flower beds ready for winter! I'm done waiting for the flowers to die! They're done in my opinion!!! Small steps require me to only do the front, then try to get to some copper work in my studio before Zoe and Amanda get here for ccd!!!

I'm hitting the treadmill now, then the gardens, then, Studio, here I come!!!

Working with Verticals, Horizontals and Mondrian!

Monday, October 19

Cezanne today!

Today we talked about Cezanne and how he believed all things could be broken down into shapes. We also talked about the deliberate asymmetry in his composition! The kids put together their own still life- I love it! Then we made the composition on watercolor paper and painted it! I think they did an amazing job!!! But... the best part was at the end they each knew what asymmetrical was!!!! How cool are these kids?!?!?!?!?!?


Print update and the start of a new week!

Okay week, lets get moving!!! The weekend flew by and while that makes me a bit sad, I'm ready for an exciting week! New art lessons this week in the Fineline "Art Studio" with some still life watercolors, contour drawings and some linear collage. It'll be great!
I managed to hang some more things in the art area with Al's help. I'm definitely leaving my mark in that room! We got some cupboards arranged and some more supplies put away. (I found a great art supply store in West Hartford called, believe it or not, Jerry's Artarama~ FINALLY...I don't have to meander through Michaels!)
The kids made some beautiful prints on Friday. I really think we need more time though- if I'm going to try to complete a lesson each week- they definitely need to be longer! Next session- longer classes!!! I'm also considering a class for 2 year olds- they make art too, right?!?!?!?!?

Friday, October 16

Ahhhhh, Friday!!!

What a fun day! Got the basics taken care of early, did some grocery shopping and then headed to Fineline to meet some new students for my "Art Experience~ Durer to Warhol" class! We did some printmaking today- the prints look fabulous!!!!

Following my art lesson we managed to bang out some cold connections and create necklaces with nickle, copper and brass!! Little sip of wine, bam, bam, bam, little chip and dip, bam, bam, bam!!!! It's all good!!!!

Not sure what the weather will be tomorrow, but our friend Al will be here in the morning and the fun will ensue after that!!! Enjoy the weekend!!!!

Thursday, October 15

Jewelry Class at Fineline Theatre Arts!

Time to prioritize~

It seems to me that I really have no idea how to keep things like journals, diaries, entries in facebook, forget about a twitter or tweet and, of course, a blog!!! So I'll begin again and see about updating so that I can have a record of my latest/newest adventures!

After receiving a phone call from the Apple store I attended a seminar last night on "social networking"! Okay, so I have this blog that I never pay attention to and I am on facebook a couple of times a day, so I thought I can do this! It was great!! I'm really going to give it a try and hope that my butt doesn't develop calluses as I try to move, I think the term is "drive," people toward my classes, etsy shop and business!

I'm sure it'll be interesting- I'm hoping to learn a lot just by doing.... and for once, I really hope I can keep something going for, hmmmm, I think I'll start with a month and then when that works, I'll extend the time period!

So, off I go.......