Friday, October 30

Holy C*%#!!!! How can it be Friday?!?

Okay, I can NOT believe it's already Friday- this week just FLEW by!!!  I guess that's what mach 5 will do for you!  Now if it could just uplift the jowls a bit and feather away a few pounds and wrinkle lines- I'd be frigging fabulous!!!!  Just kidding!!  My inner muse is truly trying to embrace all of me!

This morning has already been stellar!  I have boldly gone where I have not ventured before and made my own listings on etsy!  I know, what the hell has happened to me, right?  I have absolutely no idea! But, I am loving it!  I'll do more later tonight after I get home from teaching my "leather n links" Artful Spirits class at Fineline.  I do have a few more pieces to post!  My Be Fearless muse being one... just not sure I'm ready to risk losing her!  (How ridiculous is THAT???  Create a Be Fearless Muse and then be afraid to sell her??????)  Okay- letting go of that crap right now!

I will be listing the Muse later!
Off to work outside today, teach later and enjoy that glass of wine while I list some pieces on etsy.... in keeping with the spirit of Halloween... I am definitely frightening myself!!!!! ;)

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