Thursday, October 15

Time to prioritize~

It seems to me that I really have no idea how to keep things like journals, diaries, entries in facebook, forget about a twitter or tweet and, of course, a blog!!! So I'll begin again and see about updating so that I can have a record of my latest/newest adventures!

After receiving a phone call from the Apple store I attended a seminar last night on "social networking"! Okay, so I have this blog that I never pay attention to and I am on facebook a couple of times a day, so I thought I can do this! It was great!! I'm really going to give it a try and hope that my butt doesn't develop calluses as I try to move, I think the term is "drive," people toward my classes, etsy shop and business!

I'm sure it'll be interesting- I'm hoping to learn a lot just by doing.... and for once, I really hope I can keep something going for, hmmmm, I think I'll start with a month and then when that works, I'll extend the time period!

So, off I go.......

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