Monday, October 19

Print update and the start of a new week!

Okay week, lets get moving!!! The weekend flew by and while that makes me a bit sad, I'm ready for an exciting week! New art lessons this week in the Fineline "Art Studio" with some still life watercolors, contour drawings and some linear collage. It'll be great!
I managed to hang some more things in the art area with Al's help. I'm definitely leaving my mark in that room! We got some cupboards arranged and some more supplies put away. (I found a great art supply store in West Hartford called, believe it or not, Jerry's Artarama~ FINALLY...I don't have to meander through Michaels!)
The kids made some beautiful prints on Friday. I really think we need more time though- if I'm going to try to complete a lesson each week- they definitely need to be longer! Next session- longer classes!!! I'm also considering a class for 2 year olds- they make art too, right?!?!?!?!?

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