Wednesday, October 28

2009- no such thing as a fall funk!!!!

I took the last week I thought I could incorporate pumpkins safely and we studied line with the I'm an artist group... well, it turned out to be 2 sisters because of cold season!  Here's the great part... it just doesn't matter how many!  I chatted with them about line and  about lines on a pumpkin not being straight, but curved.  We looked at our straight lines from last week's Mondrian/line lesson and even counted curved lines.... then Avery says to her sister and me, "Did you know that if a pumpkin has more lines it has more seeds?" Neither of us had heard that- I was so impressed that she shared that and was quite confident with herself!
I do believe my fall funk has been put on hold because of these incredible young artists I get to share my time with.... I have no room in my life for a fall funk this year and I am loving it!!!!!

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