Thursday, November 5

Where have I been?????

Another week has basically flown by!  Seems I'm always moving, so perhaps that's partly why I never notice the minutes and hours ticking away!  I just came downstairs from working at my bench- another Artful Spirits Muse is just about finished!  This one is my courage muse and truly in homage to those women I know that have taken on cancer and had the courage to fight and live their lives.  All that's left of my "Courage Muse" is her hair!  I'm thinking of how I'll do this one.... hair/no hair???  Wild/tame????  Hmmm, I"m going to think about this until tomorrow!

And... in my art classes we're working on self-portraits!  The class I had did a great job- one girl was visiting and took her's home, but James and Julia left theirs behind so I can hang them in the studio!  I brought them home to take pics..... here they are!  One by a 5 yr old and another by an 8 yr old!  I love them!  Can't wait to see what is created tomorrow!!!!


Today we'll be moving from a realistic still life drawing into an enlargement of an area of the still life.  I'm going to move into abstract compositions in acrylic with Joseph today!  Life is good!!!!!

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