Friday, January 22

Looking at things in a different way this morning!

After an incredibly productive learning experience with Joseph (and Madeline) yesterday, I've decided to try to spend today looking at everything a bit differently!  First, I decided that I really didn't need to export my photos from iPhoto then load them to my facebook page... I actually checked out the link on iPhoto and decided, "I'm doing it!"  Nothing came up that made me cringe, so I'm thinking "it's all good" and moving forward!
Next... well, I thought I should update my blog and I REALLY should have a facebook page for my art classes so more people can see the work and what I do with the kids, but I decided that getting to my blog this morning should happen before I do that, so.... time to change how I see the title of this blog!
I've got to get some guidance on making this blog more me, and that will have to be AFTER I create that fb page for my art classes.... thankfully, the weekend is almost here!

Okay... student work..... LOVE IT!!!!!

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