Tuesday, January 12

Happy New Year! Happy New ART CLASSES & STUDENTS!


I know, I know... left the blog thing in mid stream yet again!  BUT.. I'm here today and that's the best I can do right now~ I'm trying...really!
Here's the huge news... the art classes are growing.  It's not leaps and bounds, but it's better than I ever hoped for!  My Friday class is full- 6 kids.  Any more and they'd be literally painting one another in the space we've got!  Monday's class- 5 kids!!!!  Tuesday has a few open places, but it's all GREAT, WONDERFUL, INSPIRING!
I'll take all of 2010 to be as inspiring as these first couple of weeks have been~ we are off and running!
Here's what we've done the past couple of classes.......


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