Saturday, March 10

Chapter 1!!!

Not sure how this will work or what it'll turn into, but here I go!!! This is where I'll show my newest pieces and what we're up to. This piece is made in sterling with an etched design. I set light amethyst cz's with a faceted peridot. It's strung with watermelon tourmeline. The back is pierced with a spiral and stamped with the word "HAPPY".

For more information on my jewelry send me an email. Email info is farther down on the blog!


Diane said...

Great new blog, I'm sure I will be a frequent guest. Can't wait to see you post more of your creations. They are beautiful!


Mike CZ said...

Very nice job on your new BLOG. It is a natural progression to expand the viewing of your creations and share your love of what you do. Your family is very proud of you and support you totaly. XO

Mandy said...

This is great, but so are you. The jewlery looks awesome, as always. How about coffee this week??